How To: Mirror geometry in Maya the new school way

Mirror geometry in Maya the new school way

So we got half a Maya what? We mirror it over and merge the vertices, all with one command, to get us a solid object. We use the dolphin from our organic polygon modeling series, but the technique can be applied to any polygon model. Watch and learn how to mirror geometry the new school way in Maya (with the mirror geometry tool!) NOTE: there are often problems with this method of mirroring, but don't worry, they're covered.

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thx, good tutorial

unfortunately maya mirroring works well out of the box only with geometry that has its pivot at 0 on the mirroring axis. which means that if you have a left hand object with the pivot set locally, let's say at the wrist, and you try to mirror that to get a right hand, it doesn't work. SO I had to make a script that greates a group which repositions the pivot at 000, and then duplicate and scale negative, and the clean up, with or without merge. now, that's something more useful than the actual maya geo mirroring.

very helpfull ;), now i know how i can make a mirroring

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