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How To: Animate in Maya

Animation controls run on the bottom of the screen. The time slider is the most important control for designing frames in Maya. Playback is exactly intuitive. This is a basic overview of Maya animation protocol and a lesson in using Maya tools.

How To: Snap points in Maya 8.5

This 3D modeling software tutorial will show you how to snap points in Maya 8.5. There are multiple ways to snap points which will be covered. Snapping points is one of the most important things to do when vertex modeling in Maya since it allows for ultimate control. Learn how to use snapping to line up your objects to the grid, a vertex or a curve in Maya 8.5.

How To: Mirror geometry in Maya the old school way

Did you know there is more than one way to mirror geometry in Maya? You are probably familiar with the newer mirror tool but there used to be another way to mirror your geometry. See how we used to kick it before some of these tools came around in the later versions of Maya. And, because newer isn't always better, sometimes we need this technique to get around Maya's bugginess.

How To: Mirror geometry in Maya

When modeling organic models like humans or animals where symmetry between sides is crucial, the best way to work is by building one side and mirroring it to create the other. This is the best way to insure your person or creature looks the same. In this software tutorial you will learn how to mirror geometry in Maya.

How To: Sculpt geometry in Maya

In this software tutorial you will learn how to sculpt geometry using the sculpt geometry tool in Maya. The sculpt geometry tool is like a paint brush that allows you to paint the surface of an object in 3D. It is best used for creating terrains and other organic geometry. This tutorial will cover all the basics of learning to sculpt geometry in Maya.

How To: Extrude polygons in Maya

Learn how to extrude polygon faces and start to really make objects. Extruding is the most important and most often used method for manipulating and modeling with polygons in Maya so if you are learning Maya, you definitely want to check out this tutorial.

How To: Use basic lighting effects in Maya

Modeling software is a wonderful tool for experimenting with modifictions of a product first before building it in real life. Plus, it's just cool to build things virtually. This Maya software tutorial teaches you how to use basic lighting effects in Maya.

How To: Create a half-tone print effect in Maya

In this video tutorial from CreativeCOW leader Alvaro Castaneda, we will create a nice looking effect in Maya that emulates the half-tone print effect. This tutorial shows that Maya can create looks not traditionally associated with 3D rendering applications. Create a half-tone print effect in Maya.

How To: Create a logo in Maya

In this two part tutorial from Alvaro Castaneda you will learn how to create a logo in Maya. We begin by tracing the logo in a vector app, then use that to start building the logo, using Maya to bring it to life. In part two we add shaders to our geometry to later light and render our final logo. Create a logo in Maya - Part 1 of 2.

How To: Move objects in Maya 8.5

Check out this Autodesk Maya 8.5 two-part video tutorial on how to move objects around. You'll learn about the channel box and how to use your mouse to move around those animated 3D characters. You'll see how to rotate and flip objects and be the best 3D Maya modeler around. Yep, that's right.

How To: Use viewports in Maya 8.5

See how to use viewports in Autodesk Maya 8.5. If your 3D modeling skills are in need of a little refreshing, then watch this five-part video to see how to effectively use a viewport in Maya for your character animation.

How To: Scale and rotate components in Maya 8.5

Check out this two-part video tutorial on learning some components and polyprimitives of vertices in Autodesk Maya 8.5. You'll get the best info on geometry for 3D animation in this 3D modeling video. See how to scale, rotate, and move vertices of your built animated character in Maya.

How To: Work with geometry in Maya 8.5

Check out this four-part video tutorial on geometry in Autodesk Maya 8.5. You'll learn about extraordinary vertices and non-extraordinary vertices balls. If you're a 3D modeler, then why not look at this video? Your 3D animation skills might need a little brush up, so make your character, learn about proper polygonal geometry in Maya.

How To: Use the IK Handle tool for bones in Maya 8.5

Okay, make some bones with no orientation and watch this Autodesk Maya 8.5 video tutorial. This video will show you the industry standard IK Handle tool and how to use it with your character's animated bones. So, if you're a wannabe 3D modeler, then you should probably watch this Maya video.

How To: Move and rotate pole vectors in Maya 8.5

Take a gander at this 3D animation video tutorial on how to move pole vectors in Autodesk Maya 8.5. So, if you need to move that pole vector so it doesn't flip, and see where to put it if you want to let your character do the split. Also see how to rotate the pole vector in Maya. Your 3D modeling skills need it, trust me.

How To: Use the Trax editor in Maya 8.5

Check out this Autodesk Maya 8.5 video tutorial on how to use the Trax editor for your 3D animated object. If you're 3D modeling, then this is a must know. So watch this three-parter to animate your character with Trax, in a series of poses that need looped.