How to Render glass in Maya's Mental Ray renderer

Have some glass that needs rendering in Maya? With Mental Ray, it's easily done.

Mental Ray (trademarked mental ray) is a rendering application by mental images that's integrated into Maya, and in this video you'll learn about two of the major glasses within it, plus how to render them. It's a very detailed explanation for rendering glass in Mental Ray, so be prepared for a lot of knowledge!

This video was using Autodesk Maya 8.5.


About HDRI, this is the best tuto

So, when I create my little pinecony-bob, and add the dielectric material to it, and render it out, i have some caustics but the object itself looks black almost like it's not lit. I've tried messing with a lot of settings, but it never lights up properly. Thoughts?

whooo Excellent!!!!!!!!

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