How To: Render glass in Maya's Mental Ray renderer

Render glass in Maya's Mental Ray renderer

Have some glass that needs rendering in Maya? With Mental Ray, it's easily done.

Mental Ray (trademarked mental ray) is a rendering application by mental images that's integrated into Maya, and in this video you'll learn about two of the major glasses within it, plus how to render them. It's a very detailed explanation for rendering glass in Mental Ray, so be prepared for a lot of knowledge!

This video was using Autodesk Maya 8.5.

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About HDRI, this is the best tuto

So, when I create my little pinecony-bob, and add the dielectric material to it, and render it out, i have some caustics but the object itself looks black almost like it's not lit. I've tried messing with a lot of settings, but it never lights up properly. Thoughts?

whooo Excellent!!!!!!!!

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